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Airport Arrivals

Many people who are going to travel and get to the airports even do not know about the proposed VIP services.

While using the VIP Fast Track service you can afford yourself a few privileges that are not available for non-VIP-persons.

When you arrive at the place of destination, the personal attendant will greet you and carefully take your luggage.

As a supplementary bonus, you will get a quick admittance through the checkpoints making your way through the airport faster and without queues.

You will get an attendant accompanying you to your vehicle, and you will have your luggage carried to the place.

If you still need the transportation, your attendant will take all the necessary steps for you and provide you with the most convenient way to enjoy your travel.

Airport Departures

If you got all the services upon arrival and that was not enough for you, with services VIP Fast Track, you can make use of the same privileges when you get back to the airport departure.

When you arrive at the airport, you will see your attendants welcoming you again.

They will assist you at the airport and will take care of your luggage.

Selecting this option, you can get a number of advantages, as your attendants will help you to register and check in by using the area known as the "access number 1", that in turn, will help avoid the queues.

You can also have some rest and get some refreshments in a private parlor as long as you wait for your departure, and then you will be accompanied right up to the airplane.