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Airport Arrivals

The passengers, who prefer perfectness and completeness, can enjoy our brand new VIP Ultimate service.

It includes all benefits of the Fast Track service and besides, has some extra advantages.

One of them is a luxury car, waiting for you immediately after your arrival and ready to carry you to a comfortable private parlor with WIFI, self-service bar, newspapers, TV and necessary office equipment.

There you could repose or work in a truly relaxed atmosphere.

Airport Departures

The VIP Ultimate Service offers our passengers another advantage – these are additional superior services, improved in comparison to Fast Track service.

Your personal attendant will facilitate your passage of preferential checkpoints out of the lineup that will allow you to get faster service.

The assistant will accompany you to the top class private parlor where you can spend your time and rest while waiting for your flight in completely equipped drawing rooms of the airports, where you can order your drinks and food as well as spend time on the internet or watching TV.

During the period of your rest in the private lounge, our staff will carefully lay down your luggage.

Then, when the time of departure is approaching, the first-rate car will take you from the private lounge directly to your plane.